coffee.      S   L

Cappuccino                         3.9     4.6

Flat white                           3.9      4.6

Latte                                     3.9     4.6

mocha                                  3.9    4.6

long black                            3.9    4.6

Hot Chocolate                     3.9    4.6

chai latte                              3.9    4.6

espresso/macchiato/piccolo    3.5


English breakfast               4.5

Green tea                            4.5

Earl grey                              4.5

Peppermint                        4.5

Chamomile                         4.5


cold drinks.

Smoothies                          8.5                                    

Freshly squeezed juices   8.5         

Noahs                                  4.5

Cans soft drink                   3.5

Water  3.5      

sparkling water  3.8


Beer battered steak fries w/ aioli    7

Sweet potato fries w/ sweet chilli & sour cream 10


Spinach 2.5

Yukon Gold potato hash 3

Avocado 3.5

Caramelised sweet potato 3.5

Creamy Danish fetta 3.5

Goats cheese 3.5

Mushrooms 3.5

Labneh 3

House made Dukkah 3.5

Eggs (x 2) 4

Bacon 4

Marinated haloumi 4

Smoked salmon 4

Chorizo   4

something light.   


Turkish cinnamon raisin toast                                        6

Banana bread – Housemade, toasted with butter         6    



Just eggs – Poached, scrambled or fried on sourdough. 12

Bacon and egg roll - On turkish with housemade chilli jam & aioli. 10

Premium bacon and egg roll -  Bacon, two eggs, cheese, roquette, rosti, chilli jam, aioli, & onion. 16

BLAT – Bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato & aioli on turkish bread. 14 

Smashed avocado – W/ creamy fetta, fresh herbs, pickled onion, salsa verde' and cherry tomatoes served on soy and linseed bread (GF). 17

Sweet potato flatbread- with hummus, pickled cabbage, avocado, fetta, a poached egg and dukkha 19

Breakfast gnocchi – house made pumpkin and ricotta gnocchi, smokey bacon, crumbed & fried mushrooms, pumpkin, spinach, parmesan croutons, poached egg and goats curd 21.90

 Gaytime waffles – buttermilk waffles, dolce de leche ice cream, honeycomb biscuit crumble, chocolate and caramel sauce, maple syrup and strawberries 17.5



Mexican style burrito bowl – Spinach, avocado, sweet potato, corn salsa, tomato, & sour cream. 17.5 (add smoked chicken or pulled pork 4)

Creamy avocado & fetta bowl mixed lettuce, avocado, creamy fetta, roast pumpkin, onion jam, dukkha, tomato, cucumber with citrus dressing 17

Chicken schnitzel burger served on a potato bun with avocado, lettuce, tomato, bacon, sour cream & sweet chilli 17

Crumbed mushroom burger – Crumbed field mushroom, truffle aioli, grilled haloumi, beetroot jam and baby spinach. 17

Chicken & cheese toastie – house smoked chicken, bacon, avocado, cheese, aioli, tomato on toasted Turkish bread 15

Ham, cheese & tomato – double smoked ham, tomato, & cheese on Turkish bread 12.5

Cuban sandwich - Pulled pork with jalapenos, pickles, mustard, aioli, cheese, & crushed crackling on butter toasted Turkish bread. 17

Salad- lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, carrot, red cabbage, & citrus 9

Turkey- roasted turkey breast, cranberry sauce, camembert cheese & rocket 9.5

Roast pumpkin with goats curd, romesco, beetroot jam, rocket & cumin 9.5

(available on white, wholemeal, Turkish, sourdough, wrap, or GF soy and linseed bread)

vegan breakfast.


Vegan green smoothie bowl – Topped with seasonal fruit & housemade granola. 16

Vegan Smashed avocado – With fresh herbs, pickled onion, salsa verde' and cherry tomatoes served on soy and linseed bread (GF). 17

Vegan Sweet potato flatbread - Middle Eastern style w/ pickled cabbage, heirloom cherry tomatoes, avocado, hummus, roast pumpkin, spiced dukkah & herbs. 19


vegan lunch.


Vegan burrito bowl - Spinach, avocado, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato, corn salsa, Mexican beans. 17.5

Salad Wrap – Lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, avocado & citrus dressing. 9

Roast pumpkin sandwich- With Romesco, cumin & roquette on sourdough. 9